Hilltop Bakery

Artisan • Sourdough • Organic • Gluten-Free


Hilltop Bakery is a sister store of Hilltop Acres Local Organic Food Market.

I have always been a baker and I love bread, good bread! Five years ago I was diagnosed with a skin condition (Duhrings Disease) that is in the Celiac family. While this diagnosis explained many of my long time digestive and skin issues, having to go strict gluten-free was challenging for this foodie girl. I was a sourdough and sprouted bread baker long before the trend, but needing to only use gluten free grains/seeds was a steep learning curve and I am constantly learning.

I have had the privilege to sit under some amazing gluten free pioneer bakers. In 2016 I went to the UK to study with Naomi Devlin of River Cottage. Naomi, also a celiac, has a similar whole food approach to gluten free living and it helped to launch me on my own journey.

While we love that we can safely provide wholesome gluten free bread from our dedicated gluten free catering kitchen for those who need it, our customer base goes well beyond those on a restricted diet. We love experimenting with whole grains and seeds, sprouting and fermenting and creating wholesome and low glycemic artisan sourdough bread that all can enjoy...gluten free or not.

If you have questions regarding our products please email me at marcy@hilltopacres.ca or drop me a line at 705-434-1556

We look forward to creating delicious wholesome bread and baked goods for you and your loved ones.

Marcy Jackson